Anonymous: I was friends with this girl, and she would tell me to always be honest. And tell me how she was glad she met me and missed. She told me that she accepted me for who I was. Then she started acting cold towards me, during that I told her about people not accepting me for who I am. And ignoring my text, she told me that they weren't my friends. If they couldn't accept me, days later she ignored my text. And told someone that I made her feel uncomfortable. I seen her two months later andpt1

Part 2: She tried talking to me but I kept it short. Then she started to compliment me when I didn’t pay her any attention. I deleted her number, and I feel uncomfortable around her. She played me, and contradicted her self. Should I ignore her completely? She uses guys for attention


Wow. She sounds pretty twisted in the ways she goes about herself. I, personally, cannot stand to be around people like that and I just disconnect myself from those kind of people because they bring you nothing but misery because they’re so confusing and twisted. Did she ever explain to you why she said you made her feel uncomfortable? She sounds like she likes having attention, and will do anything to get it, no matter who she may hurt. Kinda only caring about herself. That’s just the impression you’ve given me of her though. She did contradict herself. I think it’d be best if you kept your distance from her. She seems like the person who only cares about herself and wants attention. Again, I don’t know her personally, so this is all just an impression. For all I know she could be a great gal! But, I’ve dealt with people like this in my life, and they’re extremely draining and bring more harm than good. If you guys were close, maybe try talking to her about how she’s made you feel with her actions. It would be sad to just throw an entire friendship away like that. If you’re completely set on how you feel about her, then by all means cut her off if you feel that’ll make you feel better. 

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